Visit Mad Hatchet Brewing For a Great Beer-Tasting Experience

Beer flight sampler at Mad Hatchet Brewing.

The craft beer trend remains popular all across the country. Whether you love IPAs, stouts, or sours, you’re probably thrilled at the availability of great brews at your local pub. If you’re in the market for some enticing local brews, then check out newly opened Mad Hatchet Brewing in nearby Joliet.

About Mad Hatchet Brewing

Creators Mike and Jamie Stevenson continuously seek to expanding their craft beer repertoire with the best brews this side of Illinois.

Both Mike and Jamie enjoy trying out new flavors and taste concepts. The brewery initially began as Mike’s side project. Over the years, he grew more passionate about his craft and began brewing larger and larger batches. Eventually, the need for a full-scale brewery led him and Jamie to launch Mad Hatchet Brewing.

So, what’s it like inside? The taproom at Mad Hatchet is expansive and open. Wood decor, a concrete floor, and hanging chandeliers with candelabra bulbs give the space a rustic appeal. You can see the brewing equipment on display behind a half wall.

The Best Brews

Every week, Mad Hatchet Brewing updates its tap list with new selections. You can order a four-ounce taster or a full 10-ounce sample of any beer. A favorite, especially among those who love fruit beers, is the BEET-cha, Black, & Blue. A smooth farmhouse ale brewed with blueberries, blackberries, and beets, this fantastic choice satisfies anyone who enjoys complex flavors.

If you’d like something a little stronger, try Hornswogglers, a chocolate and vanilla-flavored stout. Made with flaked barley and oats, this brew is perfectly smooth and satisfying.

Mad Hatchet Brewing also makes a delicious porter called Night Walker, a kettle sour called Currantly Possessed, and a classic Irish red called Leprechaun on the Lash. Although the brewery doesn’t serve food, it often hosts food trucks on weekends.

So, stop by Mad Hatchet Brewing soon for some beer tasting. Want to live near exciting destinations such as Mad Hatchet? If so, then consider making The Woodlands of Crest Hill your next home. Contact us for more information or to arrange a personalized tour of our apartments!

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