Viet Little Home: A Delicious New Vietnamese Restaurant in Crest Hill

Father helping daughter to use knife when eating

On a cool fall or winter day, few things are as satisfying as a warm bowl of soup. Expand your soup horizons with pho, a traditional Vietnamese beef soup. Luckily for all of us, a great new Vietnamese restaurant in Crest Hill just opened near The Woodlands at Crest Hill. Viet Little Home is a comfortable, welcoming space where you can enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine and a relaxing evening with family and friends.


Cha Gio or Tom Chien?

On the menu at Viet Little Home, you’ll discover classic appetizers like the Cha Gio, or spring rolls, and the Tom Chien, breaded shrimp in sweet and sour sauce. As your entree, try the Bun, which is a rice noodle dish with cucumbers and your choice of meat. Or order the Pho Tai, a traditional soup with Vietnamese meatballs and sliced beef tenderloin.


Perfect for Lunch

Guests love the lunch specials at Viet Little Home. For just $9.75, you get your choice of several entrees, along with soup and an egg roll. Accompany your meal with a decadent Vietnamese coffee, made with condensed milk, for a special treat.


Plan Your Visit

With big, sunny windows, wooden tables, and eclectic artwork on the walls, Viet Little Home truly feels like home. They do offer takeout if you’d rather dine at your real home, however. Reservations are recommended on busy weekend nights.

This enticing little Vietnamese restaurant in Crest Hill is open every day except Tuesday for lunch and dinner. Visit them at 201 Vertin Blvd in Shorewood, which is about a 15-minute drive from your apartment.

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