Treat Yourself to a Great Meal at Cut 158 Chophouse

A chef cooking in the kitchen at Cut 158 Chophouse.

Authentic ethnic cuisines have definitely whetted the modern American appetite for bold new flavors. That said, a robust old-fashioned steak meal never gets old. So, the next time you’re craving traditional American cuisine, head to Cut 158 Chophouse, a trendy new steakhouse near the Woodlands of Crest Hill.

About Cut 158 Chophouse

The executive chef at Cut 158 Chophouse has more than 30 years’ experience in the fine dining business and really knows how to craft a menu! By sourcing ingredients locally, he is able to create the most mouthwatering meals for patrons.

Meanwhile, the interior of Cut 158 has an ambiance reminiscent of an older steakhouse, with wood-backed chairs, a hardwood floor, and dim pendant lights over the tables. However, there are a few modern touches you’ll appreciate, such as the chalkboards on the walls and the colorful cloth napkins.

The Menu at Cut 158 Chophouse


The dinner menu at Cut 158 Chophouse includes delicious appetizers such as oysters Rockefeller, oysters on the half shell, filet mignon sliders, stuffed mushrooms, and crab cakes. The lamb chops, served with a Merlot sauce, are also a local favorite.

If you and your friends love steak, prepare to be impressed by the premium selection of cuts here. The 26-ounce tomahawk steak, topped with a gorgonzola sage butter, is a real show-stopper. There’s also a porterhouse steak, NY strip steak, and bone-in ribeye steak. In particular, the grilled filet mignon, which comes in a 6- or 10-ounce portion, is a crowd favorite.


Don’t forget the delicious sides! They include lemon rice, grilled cauliflower steak, sauteed mushrooms, and pesto couscous with grilled veggies.

Cut 158 Chophouse offers a lunch menu as well, with robust salads, sandwiches, and entrees. Choose from classic options such as strawberry spinach salad, roasted beet salad, grilled chicken breast sandwich, steakhouse burger, blackened grouper sandwich, grilled filet mignon, and honey pepper-glazed salmon.

Getting hungry yet? If so, you’ll want to make a reservation at Cut 158 Chophouse soon.

Learn More about Cut 158 Chophouse

We’d also like to remind you that this fantastic steakhouse is located less than 10 minutes from The Woodlands of Crest Hill. Contact us┬áif you’re looking for a new apartment in the area. We’ll be happy to show you our gorgeous grounds and amazing amenities!

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