The Greater Joliet YMCA Offers Safe Exercise Options for Patrons

Woman taking online exercises classes from the Greater Joliet YMCA.

The Greater Joliet YMCA is a leading nonprofit organization that provides community programs promoting health, fitness, and social responsibility. Here are three ways you can support the YMCA mission and enjoy what it has to offer in our comfortable Crest Hill apartments:

Fitness at the Greater Joliet YMCA

You can now take online fitness classes with qualified trainers and instructors through the YMCA. It offers a variety of classes through Zoom and Facebook, as well as a selection of recorded videos you can follow at home.

You have a wide range of fitness programs to choose from, including yoga, kickboxing, pilates, and cardio. The Greater Joliet YMCA also has class sessions available for kids and seniors. If you have weights at home or appropriate household substitutes such as pots and pans, you can join in on the Pumped Up class, which will guide you through basic resistance training at home.

Support the Greater Joliet Area YMCA

Donate to the YMCA so that it can continue to bring important programs like virtual fitness lessons to the community. In partnership with the Northern Illinois Food Bank, the YMCA is also hosting food banks to support local residents. Your donation goes directly to the staff and needy families in the community. It also helps the organization with its charitable causes while its doors are closed.

Become a Member

Get all the benefits of the YMCA when you become a member. You’ll have access to pools, gyms, and track areas when the doors reopen. Free group fitness classes will also be available. You can sign up at any of the four YMCA branches in Joliet, Plainfield, and Morris. This is a great way to support the YMCA and your community. Part of your membership money will go towards wellness programs for everyone.

For more ways to support your community, check out these animal shelters that you can donate to. And, if you’d like to enjoy your exercises in comfortable surroundings, consider making The Woodlands at Crest Hill your new home. Want to see our premium living spaces and amenities? Contact us to schedule a virtual tour today!

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