Stay Entertained With Fall Attractions in Will County, Illinois

Enjoying fresh air and the best fall attractions in Will County.

Fall in Illinois is filled with a variety of amazing experiences. If you live at The Woodlands of Crest Hill,┬áthen you’ll find endless opportunities to enjoy yourself. Check out these autumn attractions in Will County.

Off-Season Baseball

If you already miss baseball games at Silver Cross Field now that the Joliet Slammers season is over, then get tickets to the Southwest Chicago Inter-League Association (SWILA) game happening on November 2nd. SWILA is a high school and collegiate baseball league, whose teams play at the Silver Cross Field. Just what you need to help extend baseball season a little longer.

Joliet Area Historical Museum

If you’d like to learn about the history and early development of Joliet, then the Joliet Area Historical Museum has you covered. During your time at the museum, you’ll get to enjoy group tours and participate in interactive workshops. Inside the museum, special exhibits in the War Heroes Gallery and Children’s Discovery Room will inform you about the history and culture of the region.

You can even step into the Lunar Lander Simulator to see how the past has influenced the present. Two upcoming programs the museum is sponsoring should provide plenty of fun for everyone. Be sure to mark your calendars for an Ocotber 13th trivia fundraiser (to benefit the museum) and a “haunted tour” event from October 25th to 26th at the Old Joliet Prison.

Bird Haven Greenhouse & Conservatory

Spanning more than 600 acres of land, the Bird Haven Greenhouse & Conservatory is the ideal place to spend time outdoors. Here, you’ll get to feast your eyes on gorgeously maintained flowering plants. Additionally, guests can enjoy guided tours through the cacti room, show house, and tropical house, where they can learn interesting facts about the indigenous flora and flora.

All in all, these fall attractions in Will County should get you up and about during the cool Illinois fall months.

Want to live near these amazing destinations? If so, then consider making The Woodlands of Crest Hill your new home. For more information about how to make a move or to schedule a tour of our grounds, contact us today. If you’d like to keep updated about events and activities in the region, be sure to check out our blog.

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