Shop Local at the Oswego Country Market

Peaches at the Oswego Country Market.

Do you enjoy weekend shopping excursions? If so, you won’t want to miss the Oswego Country Market.

This popular outdoor market is open from now until September 29th. You’ll find everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts here.

Vendors include:

Garlic Breath Farm 

Garlic Breath Farm is owned and managed by an industrious husband-and-wife team, who established the farm in 2015. The farm’s mission is to provide the most flavorful garlic to local restaurants, grocery stores, and community households. You’ll find a good selection of fresh and cured garlic from this vendor.

Frosted Fig 

At Frosted Fig, the motto is “life is sweet.” Owner Patricia Brown believes there’s always room for dessert, especially since she grew up in a tight-knit Italian family. During her childhood, meals were an undeniably central part of life. As a matter of fact, each homemade meal usually ended with a tasty baked treat.

So, Patricia understands the place desserts have in a home-cooked feast.

She particularly enjoys sharing sweet delights with the community. Baking purists will be happy to know that Patricia’s kitchen creations are made in small batches with the finest ingredients. You’ll find lemonade cookies, raspberry brownies, Texas sheet cakes, cream puffs, and cinnamon swirl pecan muffins from this popular vendor.

Gindo’s Spice of Life

Established in 2011, Gindo’s Spice of Life features the best hot sauces this side of the Atlantic. You’ll find unique sauces that will transform your culinary creations. The sauces are used by chefs and domestic cooks alike, and loyal customers maintain they make everything taste better. You’ll find sun-dried tomato, jalapeno poblano, and honey habanero sauces from this vendor.

Theis Farm Market 

Established in 1981, Theis Farm Market aims to provide especially great tasting produce to the community. The farm originated from a humble roadside vegetable wagon. Today, this local business has pristine greenhouses on its property, all of which are focused on growing the region’s favorite produce. During the summer months, you’ll find sweet corn, green beans, Swiss chard, and flowers from this vendor. 

The Oswego Country Market is just one of many premier shopping destinations near The Woodlands of Crest Hill. If you’re looking for a place to call home, contact us. We’d love to take you on a tour of our inspiring and vibrant apartment community!

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