Get Professional Golfing Lessons at Prairie Bluff Public Golf Club

Playing a game of golf at Prairie Bluff Public Golf Club.

It’s great to go out with friends. You enjoy a shared sense of purpose whenever you participate in group activities. That said, it can be an unpleasant experience when all your friends play golf while you sit on the sidelines. To play with confidence, why not train with a professional at Prairie Bluff Public Golf Club? This amazing club is less than a 10-minute drive from The Woodlands of Crest Hill.

Golf Training

Lessons at Prairie Bluff are customized to meet your goals. The professional tutors can work with players of all levels. Group or private lessons are offered, depending on your availability and preference.

At the club, you can take 30-minute or 50-minute lessons. Each 30-minute lesson costs only $40. If you’d like a set of four lessons at 30-minutes each, you’ll only pay the rate of $135. Meanwhile, 50-minute lessons are perfect for two or more players. Each 50-minute lesson costs $35/person. If you have three or more in your party, each 50-minute lesson will only cost $30.

Practicing Your Swing at Prairie Bluff Public Golf Club

Golfing can also be enjoyed at other clubs connected to Prairie Bluff, such as the Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville or Scott Hogan Golf in Joliet. Both clubs offer private and group lessons for players who want to improve their golf game. Note that lessons at these clubs are in 30-minute or 60-minute increments.

Make The Woodlands of Crest Hill Your Next Home

All in all, Prarie Bluff Public Golf Club is perfect for enjoying a game of golf with friends. Best of all, it’s located near our apartment grounds, so you’ll have access to every golf club event in the Crest Hill region. If you’re looking for a luxury apartment in the area, then contact us, and we’ll be happy to show you around!

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