Improve Your Balance and Core Body Strength at Strictly Archery

Yellow-headed arrows on a board in an archery class at Strictly Archery.

Are you an archery enthusiast? Perhaps, you’ve always been secretly fascinated by the sport. Whatever your reasons, archery provides both physical and emotional benefits. Did you know that you can strengthen your upper body and improve your balance through the repetitive motions of drawing and holding a bow and arrow? This spring, take time to check out Strictly Archery, located just 15 minutes from The Woodlands of Crest Hill.

What Is Archery?

Archery is one of the oldest sports practiced today and is a popular medal sport in the Summer Olympics and Paralympics. In ancient Egypt, people used bone and tendon to fashion bows. Eventually, the bow evolved into a curved weapon. Archery also proved popular in ancient China and Japan. In the latter, archery centered on kyujutsu or the art of the bow.

The greatest archers of the Middle Ages were the Mongols, Parthians, Turks, and Assyrians.

As a sport, archery can be either a solo or team sport. Participants hit targets with arrows, which they draw against the bow. Archery requires impeccable focus, accurate aim, hand-eye coordination, physical endurance, and stamina.

Strictly Archery Is for Everyone

If you’d like to learn the sport or simply practice your skills, check out Strictly Archery. It has two indoor archery ranges up to 40 yards and an archery pro shop on site. The shop stocks Olympic-quality bows, traditional bows, crossbows, and compound bows. So, there’s something for participants of all skill levels and preferences.

If you’re a newbie, check out the group or private archery lessons. You can also join the Strictly Archery JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) Club. The club is open to youth and adult archers. Several members have achieved national rankings in competitions.

The Woodlands of Crest Hill Is Located near Strictly Archery

Strictly Archery is an exciting venue for both beginner and expert archers. Not yet a resident at Woodlands of Crest Hill? Live just 15 minutes from Strictly Archery when you call our community home. For more information, contact us to arrange a private tour.

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