Explore a New World at the Herbert F. Trackman Planetarium

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Just a 15-minute drive from The Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments you can experience the vistas of outer space at the Herbert F. Trackman Planetarium. Four years ago, the planetarium updated to a powerful new projection system, the Omnistar. This amazing system opens up the whole universe to visitors; anywhere in space can be seen within the walls of the planetarium.

History of Herbert F. Trackman Planetarium

The planetarium at Joliet Junior College was founded in 1969 by college President Doug Graham. The planetarium opened in 1973 with the then high tech Spitz 512 projector. It was later named after Trackman after the 1931 graduate donated $86,000 in 1988 to upgrade the facility.

If only Graham and Trackman could see what the planetarium has become! Gone are the days when you could only see images of the sky from our Earthly point of view. You no longer have to imagine what the view is like from Mars, you can see it. The new system can bring up images from practically any point in our galaxy, and it’s as though you’re standing at ground zero looking up into a new sky!

The Planetarium Experience

The new Omnistar system also allows you to take a step into the past and see what Earth looked like the day a major volcano erupted. Or watch the Seasonal Skies presentation for a guided tour of what’s visible in any given season’s sky. There are also shows that bring you close to all of the planets in the solar system and teach you about black holes and dark matter.

During the school year, the planetarium is open to the public for two free shows a week on select Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can see their schedule of events here.

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