Enjoy Fun Classes At Gallery’s Choice

Paint brushes in a jar at Gallery's Choice.

Would you like to unleash your inner artist during a fun art class? If so, head to Gallery’s Choice, where you’ll find an array of options for all artistic tastes and abilities. 

Highlights include:

Oil Painting Beginner/Intermediate 

Oil painting as an art form dates back to at least the 7th century, when artists first used oil (which may have come from extracted walnuts or poppies) to decorate a cave complex in Afghanistan. 

At Gallery’s Choice, the beginner/intermediate class is taught by Rose Jarecki. First-time students will learn how to script four images in four weeks. Painters at the intermediate level choose their own subjects, and Rose helps them create a beautifully finished piece. 

Your fee entitles you to paint, a canvas, and citrus turpinol (an eco-friendly alternative to turpentine). You need only bring your own brushes.

Torch-fired Enamels 

The torch-fired enamels class is taught by a professional glass artist with a passion for unique forms of art. This class is easy enough for the true beginner. Students will learn how to use the flame of a torch to turn powdered glass into incredible pieces of jewelry. 

Stained Glass Beginner/Intermediate

Early stained glass art dates back to the Gothic Age. By the end of the period, stained glass painters began using a new silver stain that allowed them to paint yellow colors onto glass. These yellow hues varied from pale lemon to deep orange.

During the beginner/intermediate class, students will create a 12 x 12″ project. There are many patterns to choose from, and the instructor will offer expert design assistance.  

The gallery also represents more than seventy Illinois artists, and their incredible creations are available for purchase in the showroom.

Gallery’s Choice is just one of the art venues near The Woodlands of Crest Hill. To call our community home, contact us.

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