Enjoy Delicious, Healthy Meals at Fit Foundation

Chef making a healthy meal at Fit Foundation.

If you’re looking for healthy alternatives during mealtime, check out Fit Foundation. The restaurant offers affordable, clean eating choices that are made fresh daily. Most importantly, Fit Foundation is located just minutes from The Woodlands of Crest Hill.

A Different Approach

Fit Foundation offers two ways to get your meals. You can order ahead and pick up at a predetermined time or you can stop in during business hours to make a carry-out order. Ordering ahead is a great option because it allows you to plan your meals accordingly. The pre-order menu changes every Thursday morning.

Plus, the restaurant rotates over 100 meal choices, so you’ll have regular access to new flavors that meet your taste and nutrition preferences. Want to know what you can order? On any given day, you can choose a variety of breakfast foods, main entrees, desserts, soups, as well as salads. The best thing about Fit Foundation is that all of the food choices are nutritious and delicious.

Clean Eating for Health

But, what does it mean to eat clean? Specifically, clean eating means ingesting foods that are whole and unprocessed. At Fit Foundation, each meal has the calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates listed, along with the ingredients. This allows you to choose foods that best meet your nutritional objectives.

A Commitment to Healthier Lifestyles

Fit Foundation offers more than just clean eating choices at affordable prices. The owner, Angie Aegerter, also provides exercise tips in addition to delicious meals. If you’re wondering how to start your fitness journey, Angie can help. With over two decades of experience in nutrition and fitness, she’s happy to answer questions about clean eating and fitness routines.


Fit Foundation is committed to your health and located just minutes from the Woodlands of Crest Hill.  If you’d like to live near this amazing nutrition and fitness provider, contact us today to schedule a tour of our premium living spaces.

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