Enjoy a Nostalgic Afternoon at the Galloping Ghost Arcade

Close up of pinball targets or an arcade game at the Galloping Ghost Arcade.

If you have fond memories of bygone days at your favorite arcade, you’ll want to check out the Galloping Ghost Arcade. Here’s why: you don’t need pockets full of quarters to play. So, you can spend your time helping Pac-Man eat up those pellets or working to best Donkey Kong, instead. At Galloping Ghost, the focus is on recreating a nostalgic experience. So, gear up for lots of fun when you visit this premier video game universe!

Pay Once to Play All Day at the Galloping Ghost Arcade

For the price of a $20 entry fee, you can gain all-day access to nearly 700 classic arcade and pinball machines. Each of the machines is set to free-play, so there’s no need to stock up on quarters. What’s more, the arcade is open seven days a week, from 11 am to 2 am (including all holidays). To date, more than 180 world records have been set at Galloping Ghost!

All the Classics and Then Some

The Galloping Ghost Arcade offers visitors an incredibly vast selection of games, from classics such as Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong Junior, and Tetris to more recent titles.

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll appreciate knowing that Galloping Ghost can corroborate your scoring achievements through Aurcade.com, which tracks scores for arcades all over the world. Additionally, if you’re a member of the Brookfield Police and Fire Department, admission is free for you. All other law enforcement and military members receive $10 off the price of admission. If you’re planning daily visits, you may want to consider the week-long pass at $50.

Lighthearted Fun Near the Woodlands of Crest Hill

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