Celebrate Your Events at Joliet Union Station

Every life has its milestones. And, each one deserves a beautiful place to celebrate them. What’s more, it’s even better when the venue is a registered historic place; it gives your event an undeniable gravitas. All things considered, it’s why Joliet Union Station on Jefferson Street makes a great event venue. 

History of Joliet Union Station

When you step into this old transportation hub, you’re immediately taken back to 1912, when it was created as a stop for the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad Line. The station showcases the work of Jarvis Hunt and the elegance of the Beaux-Arts Classical style of architecture. It was also listed on the National Registry of Historic Places on August 1, 1978, and from the high bay windows and stunning white stone walls, you can see how it earned such an honor.

The Joliet Union Station was a train stop before 1912, however. In fact, trains stopped here as early as 1852. And, it’s still a working train station: Amtrak makes stops there. Of course, it wasn’t quite up to code in its early days. It had to be upgraded to be ADA-compliant in 1989 and 1991. These upgrades left the charm of the place intact, however. The attached waiting rooms that Joliet Union Station rents out still looks like something out of “The Great Gatsby.”

Event Options

There are two rooms for you to choose from when planning your event. The smaller one is The Lounge. This seats 60 to 100 people. Meanwhile, the Grand Ballroom is much bigger, able to hold 220 to 250 people. Both options include indoor and outdoor spaces. If you’d like, the specialists can help you customize a menu and set up for the big day, whether you’re holding a wedding ceremony, fundraiser, or any other type of event. You can book through the Joliet Union Station website or call (815) 254-7003.

Fortunately, if you live at The Woodlands of Crest Hill, you won’t be located far from this fine event venue. In addition, if you’d like to live near this historic venue, contact us today. We’d love to show you our luxurious living spaces and leading-edge amenities.

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