Celebrate Greek Culture at the Be Greek for a Day Festival

Dancing at the Be Greek For A Day Festival.

Whether you’re of Greek descent or just appreciate cultural experiences, you won’t want to miss the Be Greek for a Day Festival. There will be plenty to do, and you’ll get to celebrate Greek culture in a welcoming atmosphere. So, come on out and join your neighbors for a great time!

A Brief History of Greek-Americans

There are about 1.3 million Americans who consider themselves to be of Greek descent. Today, the Chicago area is a hub for Greek-American culture.

In 1768, the United States saw an influx of Greek immigrants from Smyrna, Crete, and Mani. Most settled in Florida. By 1866, many Greek-Americans turned their sights toward New Orleans. There, they built the first Greek Orthodox Church in the United States.

All in all, the numbers of Greek Americans have increased throughout the years, and many cities now celebrate Greek culture with elaborate festivals.

Be Greek for a Day Festival (July 19-21)

So, what can you expect at a Greek festival? Definitely look forward to the delicious food. Make sure you come hungry because you’ll want to try amygdalota, a gluten-free almond cookie that’s usually paired with a fresh cup of coffee or tea. You must also try the baklava layered with nuts and honey and loukoumades (Greek honey donuts). These sweet treats are best paired with Greek hot/iced coffee or tea.

Stuffed grape leaves are another must-try food at a Greek festival. While the green outer layers may seem a bit odd, these lamb or beef-stuffed delicacies will win you over. If you feel unsure about the stuffed grape leaves, you can’t go wrong with a gyro filled with meat, sauce, and/or vegetables. You’ll want to pair these with tomatokeftedes or tomato fritters.

Enjoy a Live Band Performance at The Festival

In addition to food, you’ll be treated to a live band during the festival. You can either sit and watch or (if you’re game) join in the dancing.

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