Experience the Ultimate Haunted House at Statesville Haunted Prison

Looking down a deserted aisle lined on both sides with two levels of prison cells. Slight grain adds to the gritty atmosphere.

Halloween is nearly here, and it’s time to embrace the terrifying fun of the season. For a truly horrifying haunted house experience, visit Statesville Haunted Prison in Lockport. It’s just minutes away from The Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments, and it’s a horror event you’ll never forget! This creepy attraction is open Thursdays through Sundays […]

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The 3 Best Valentine’s Date Night Restaurants in Joliet

Cropped shot of an affectionate young couple having a romantic dinner in a restaurant

In just a few short days, Valentine’s Day will be upon us. If you haven’t made a reservation yet and need to find a great place to take your sweetheart, you’re in luck. The neighborhood around The Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments is full of many excellent and delicious restaurants. Here are three of the […]

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Bright Lights: Celebrate the Holidays in Crest Hill

Photo of a young, cheerful family, celebrating Christmas Holidays at an Outdoor event

With all of the shopping and parties and meals to plan this season, it’s important to take some time to relax. Our community around The Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments hosts many festive events and activities. Celebrate the holidays in Crest Hill with these two bright light events will have you shining in no time! […]

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