Step into the Past at These Antique Shops in Suburban Chicago

Assorted items at one of the most popular antique shops in suburban Chicago.

Have you ever wondered how experts classify an item as an antique? Generally, an antique is an item that’s over 100 years old. However, what about items that are only 50 years old? Experts maintain that such items are collectibles, rather than antiques. Regardless, if you appreciate history and enjoy learning about the past, you should definitely check out these antique shops in suburban Chicago.

Out of the Attic Antiques

Out of the Attic Antiques is a popular spot for all antique hunters. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to browse the unique collections of shot glasses, beer taps, English water pitchers, and whiskey decanters.

If you prefer more delicate items, you’ll find a nice collection of china, bakeware, and Depression-era glassware here. Looking for sterling silver items? You may just find them among the featured treasures in the store. Savvy antique shoppers know that both American and British sterling items retain great value over the years. So, keep an eagle eye out for these beauties!

For history enthusiasts, there is even a section featuring World War One memorabilia. To take a sneak peek of available items, embark on a virtual tour of the shop.

R Pickers Antique Store

If Out of the Attic has whetted your appetite for long-ago treasures, your next stop should beĀ R Pickers Antique Store.

Here, you can shop for both antique and vintage household items. Who knows? You may even find the perfect decor item for your next luxury apartment home. R Pickers Antique Store also offers rare pieces of jewelry, antique clocks, porcelainware, and vintage furniture.

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