4 Leftover Bread Recipes to Try at Home

Cooking at home with leftover bread recipes.

What should you do with bread that’s gone slightly stale and is no longer ideal for sandwiches? Try these leftover bread recipes for a stunningly simple yet delicious meal. Here are four simple ideas.

Seasoned Croutons 

Take your soups and salads to the next level with some crunchy bread goodness. Stale bread is the perfect choice for making flavorful homemade croutons. Cut your bread into half-inch pieces, butter one side, and then toss with a generous amount of your favorite dried spices. Bake your croutons in the oven or toss in a shallow pan until they’re nicely browned. 

Veggie Bread Pudding

Turn your leftover bread into an elegant savory bread pudding by combining it with eggs, milk, and chopped vegetables. Try a leek and tomato recipe that incorporates cheddar cheese and finely minced garlic. You can easily customize this delicious dish with any veggies you happen to have on hand and with your favorite spices.

Brown Betty 

Make a classic dessert with very simple ingredients by turning your leftover bread into breadcrumbs in your food processor. Butter up a baking dish and begin alternating layers of breadcrumbs with chopped apples, cinnamon, and sugar. Bake for an hour and serve your Brown Betty with vanilla ice cream for a wonderful treat. 

French Toast 

Stale bread is particularly ideal for French toast because it absorbs egg mixtures extremely well. For an indulgent meal, try this chocolate version that incorporates double cream and luscious bananas. You can also make a simple French toast by using just milk, egg, sugar, and plenty of cinnamon. 

So, instead of throwing it away, make those stale slices of bread the star of an enjoyable meal. If you’d like to try these leftover bread recipes in a kitchen with modern features, consider making The Woodlands of Crest Hill your next home. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact us today.

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