3 Will County Florists That Offer Orchid Deliveries

A woman transplanting orchids from one of the most popular Will County florists.

Plants add a certain je ne sais quoi to a space. Perhaps, it’s their vibrant colors or the dark subtlety of their leaves that invite our interest. Here at Crest Hill apartments, we love flowers. Don’t have a green thumb? Fortunately, there’s one plant that can handle anything you throw at it. This is the Phalaenopsis or “Moth” Orchid. Flower […]

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4 Leftover Bread Recipes to Try at Home

Cooking at home with leftover bread recipes.

What should you do with bread that’s gone slightly stale and is no longer ideal for sandwiches? Try these leftover bread recipes for a stunningly simple yet delicious meal. Here are four simple ideas. Seasoned Croutons  Take your soups and salads to the next level with some crunchy bread goodness. Stale bread is the perfect […]

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3 Ideas for a Great Staycation Weekend

A couple enjoying a staycation weekend.

Making it through another work week is a reason for celebration. Even if you find yourself spending more time at home lately, you can still enjoy a fun activity to help your weekend feel special. Read on for three ideas for a staycation weekend that will have you counting down the hours until Friday. Here […]

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