3 Great Ways to Give Back: Where to Volunteer in Crest Hill

Cheerful young woman laughs along with her husband or boyfriend while volunteering in a community food bank. They are sorting through food donations. Volunteers are working in the background.

Volunteering is a great way to support causes that you care about, but it’s also good for you. Forbes.com reports that volunteering can help you build new skills and can even make you feel happier. There are a number of organizations in the Crest Hill area near The Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments that could […]

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Lace Up Your Skates! 3 Local Ice Rinks Near Crest Hill

Friends in ice rink having fun

Did you know that in addition to being majorly fun, ice skating also helps with stress relief and improves joint flexibility? Like you even need an excuse to head to the rink! These three ice rinks near Crest Hill and The Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments offer open skating and leagues. Seven Bridges Ice Arena […]

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Say Cheese! Find Local Photographers in Crest Hill

local photographer up close

Photographs are everlasting testaments to special moments and everyday activities. When a phone snapshot just won’t do, it’s time to call in the professionals! Here are three of the best local photographers in Crest Hill near The Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments: Blackbird Imagery Founded by a former corporate photographer, Brittlyn O’Connor, and artist, Warren […]

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