Grab a Classic, Comforting Meal at The Metro Grill & Bar

Burger with beef, tomato, onion, pickles, bacon, onion rings, lettuce and barbecue sauce

Whether you’re planning a date night or looking for a great spot to relax with friends, The Metro Grill & Bar is the perfect place to unwind and order a delicious meal. This sophisticated eatery is only a short, eight-minute drive from the Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments. Welcome to the Metro Grill & Bar […]

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Bright Lights: Celebrate the Holidays in Crest Hill

Photo of a young, cheerful family, celebrating Christmas Holidays at an Outdoor event

With all of the shopping and parties and meals to plan this season, it’s important to take some time to relax. Our community around The Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments hosts many festive events and activities. Celebrate the holidays in Crest Hill with these two bright light events will have you shining in no time! […]

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Strike! Check Out the Top 3 Bowling Lanes Near Crest Hill

Friends enjoying recreational bowling in Crest Hill

Would you ever guess that bowling is the largest participation sport in the United States? More than 25 percent of Americans bowl each year. There are approximately 3,000 bowling centers throughout the country. Here are our favorites for bowling in Crest Hill and near Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments. Joliet Town and Country Lanes When […]

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